Friday, October 16, 2015

My Tarot Card Experience

I had my friend Katie do a Tarot card reading on me last week. She was so spot-on with my aura reading that I was really curious about my reading.

We were outside on the back patio on Hurlburt Field hanging out when we got on the subject of mystic creatures, spirituality, church and more. I asked her if she would perform a Tarot card reading, which she eagerly agreed. (Thank you Katie!)

She laid out a beautiful beaded silver and gray cloth that had been blessed and put it onto of the table, and then shuffled a deck of Tarot cards. She asked for my birthday and within five seconds started to tell me things.  It was illuminating to say the least.  Even if you don’t believe in the enigmatic, some of things she knew about me and could explain, were so accurate and specific that I couldn’t help but feel confident in her ability.  She asked me to pick seven cards and then proceeded to flip the cards over, explaining what they meant and their relation to me.

She said that this was one of the best readings she's had in a while, because sometime readings show up a lot of negativity (she put it in more eloquent words). Basically, this year is an important year for me.  It is a year of transition and change.  It’s also a year where old things will pass, and a time where I should do things that may be considered risky. I felt very at peace about things.  It isn’t to say that she gave me advice or details about specifics that would 100% happen, it was more just general major detail knowledge.  After all, I can change things depending on the decisions I choose to make.  However, it did give me a greater sense of solidity in any uncertainty I may be feeling.  It reminded me to keep doing what I’m doing because things will work out for me. It helped me understand some of the conflicts I’m experiencing on a deeper level, the things I don’t openly share, but the sometimes internal turmoil that influences my behavior and decisions.

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