Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SB2K16: Front Row Parking

Living with Neuromyelitis Optica for over 8 years now has its ups and downs. Thankfully, my team of doctors have been able to find a regimen that works well for me and keeps me stabilized (for the most part). Though, every now and again I will have a flare-up that sends me to the hospital or on new treatments and it is then where I bust out my handicap decal. You see, by looking at me, you'd never be able to see that I live with such a devastating disease. I don't use a walker, wheelchair and it doesn't show physically or mentally (unless I'm truly exhausted and you're too close for comfort to me). I look like a normal person. Except, I'm not. I'm sick. I'll always be sick until there comes a cure, but I don't let that show and I try my best to carry on the day without complications.

Spring Break, however, brings out all the crazy in people- especially when they are trying to get to the beach to drink with their friends. So, it is a time like this that I enjoy having a handicap placard for what I like to call Front Row Parking. Yes, you read that right. Front Row Parking to go lay out on the beach. Being able to park right in front of my destination without having to drive around aimlessly for parking and fighting over who hand their blinker on first for the next spot.You know the one who ends up keying your car because you took their spot that they were waiting for? Yeah.....

It's great for me because then I get to mentally and physically prepare myself to enter a new world of crazy drunk teens and college students where there are no rules and you tire out quickly. Normally when I do go to the beach I try to look for parking spaces that are close to the entrance in general without taking a handicap parking spot because I get too fatigued to walk far. I have to take breaks by sitting down and cooling off before I reach my final destination: the sand. This is because with my disease my legs become increasingly numb and jell-o feeling. I can't feel where I am stepping and I start to stumble over my own feet. So, being able to park in handicap parking allows me to not experience that feeling too much.

So, today I brave myself by sharing this post and mentally prepare to head to the beach with all these crazy spring breakers. *sigh* Spring begins....

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