Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nassau, Bahamas 2016

Cruise Ships in Port of Nassau, Bahamas

Wil and I went on our first cruise! We sailed the Carnival Elation on September 5, 2016 from Jacksonville, FL to Nassau, Bahamas. I was very excited to travel to the Bahamas with my husband, but I was also frightened to be on a ship for 5 days.

Living with Neuromyelitis Optica for many years I've learned how to adapt to my surroundings. I know when my body begins to shut down and when I need to rest. However, the cruise threw my body off of course! The moving of the ship (not used to that), the active excursions (not used to that) and the overflow of food and alcohol (not used to that).

Arriving into Nassau was a beautiful sight. The blue waters of the Caribbean, the light breeze from the Island and the sun rising. Wil and I booked a charm and beauty excursion of Nassau and Paradise Island. We arrived on an air-conditioned bus and traveled around the island while receiving an informative guide. First we traveled to Paradise Island where we got to explore the resort and casino. Took a few pictures learned the price it costs to stay at the resort! (yikes!)

Wil & I at Paradise Island, Bahamas 2016
Then, we went to the John Watling's Distillery where we bought a beautiful bottle of Amber Rum for $35 USD and had a few drinks.

John Watling's Distillery- Nassau, Bahamas
Shortly after the semi-self guided tour of the distillery, we made our way onto the western part of the island where we had plenty of time to take photographs! Despite all of the walking, I didn't have a flare of symptoms afterwards. Thankfully, NMO allowed me to enjoy the charm and beauty of Nassau.


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