Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We Bought a Home!

Yes! You read that right. We bought a house! *crazy happy dance* We have our final walkthrough of the home tomorrow afternoon and then Wil and I go to closing on Friday!

We are so freaking excited about being homeowners.
When Wil and I first moved here we decided to start looking around for homes. Much to our dismay the homes that we liked were between the mid $400K and $800K! *yikes* and we knew that a home of that price would not be affordable for us. Isn't it funny how one property can be $250K, but back home said price of $250K could get you a mansion? That was our struggle- Knowing what we paid for as a starter home here, could have been our mansion back in Jacksonville.
I found a great Realtor, Missy McDonald and kept her on the back burner. In the meantime she would have the LMS system send us properties in our desired neighborhood for a little over a year. Exactly a year later a home popped up that peaked our interest and she mentioned viewing the home. Once I walked in I fell in love! It's a perfect starter home for our little family. That same day we put in an offer that was ultimately accepted by the sellers.
This has been an exciting and daunting process for the both of us: the cost of moving is high: down payments, closing costs, moving costs, cleaning, furniture, appliances, updates/upgrades. It all adds up, but is SO worth it, because at the end of the day- this is our home.
What is the best tip you can give me about homeownership?

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