Monday, May 1, 2017

Akers of Strawberries

Wil pickin' our harvest from Akers of Strawberries in Baker, FL on 04/29/2017
We did a little travel thing y'all! (just a little under an hour from where we live though) Wil and I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with my super cool friend Shauna and her hubby in Baker, FL. Baker is a small little town about 10 miles northwest of the city of Crestview, FL.

We had plans to meet up with one of my new super cool friends and her hubby for the Strawberry Harvest Family Carnival. When we go there it was super packed, so we had some strawberry shortcake and strawberry frozen yogurt to beat the Florida Spring heat. (which wasn't bad at all, but my arms did get a little sunburnt)

After hanging out with Shauna and her hubby, Wil and I took to the ba-zillion rows of strawberries to pick from!

All of the fresh strawberries on the vine ready to be picked by all of the visitors!

This is our semi-small loot of strawberries we picked! Took us less than 30 minutes to find a good row, pick them, and the head back to the scale to weigh them. All of these gorgeous berries were less than $4!

 Picture of me cheesin' down the miracle row that we found! Once the festival died down and the clouds started to roll in, everyone backed out and left! It was like having it all to yourself.

Annnnnd of course, a selfie with my sweet hubby. <3

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