Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spending Time Together: Our Everyday Edition

My husband and I are just like you. We love each other super passionately, but sometimes drive each other to a point beyond crazy. There is no in between with us. One of the reasons we're in the Cat and Mouse game is because of my hubby's crazy hectic work schedule. On top of deploying at least once a year (every year), he rotates different shifts at work while he's home. This means for one month he may be working day shift. The next month he could be working swings, and the following month he could be working mid-check which in my opinion is the WORST. SHIFT. EVERRRRRR! So when he comes back from deployment he's working these shifts before his next deployment.

So we sacrifice a lot in our family for his job. We sacrifice going to festivals, new places, and meeting up with friends with last minute plans because we need to sleep in or have a lazy day in the house. That was something I was used to, but what I wasn't used to was snapping pictures of us making memories when we were out-and-about.

So, I enlisted some help from my friend Natalie with British Touch Photography to snap these pictures of us in downtown Fort Walton Beach to hang in our new home. While she was snapping away, it dawned on me that- moments like this need to be cherished, because they do not come often in our family. I focused in on my hubby's smile and instantly forgot (and then forgave) him for waiting until the last minute to get his face cut and beard trimmed.

I was reminded by these beautiful images that spending time together feeds both of our introverted souls. The bond we have as husband and wife will forever be etched in our hearts. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much money you spent on your spouse, or what you bought them- it matters of how you spent your time together.

After our photo shoot, we walked around The Landing in downtown Fort Walton Beach for their Native American Festival. We saw lots of dream catchers, Native American jewelry, and Native American food. We each had a "Rez Dog" which honestly, was suuuuuuper Americanized, but delicious and we shared a HUGE {and I mean HUUUUUUUGE} piece of fry bread which was SO. DANG. GOOD. We went home later on and lounge around watching Netflix. (That's how we roll!)

How do you spend your time with your significant other? I would love to hear what y'all do!

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