Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Life: Friendships

Friendships are such a beautiful part of our lives. We all have many different friendships across the board. Some of us only have a small circle of friends, while others choose to be that social butterfly or perfectly introverted homebody. The beautiful part of the friendship is discovering the kind of friend you are.

Even though I'm an introverted person, does not mean that I don't have friends. In fact, I have many. (Though, I am no a social butterfly by any means). I have friends that I am completely comfortable around. I have friends that I'm comfortable around, but I definitely wouldn't poop at their home. I have friends I hangout with on the weekends, I have friends I meet up with once or twice a month, and I have friends who I barely see. I have friends who I know from the interwebs and from being happy oilers, and friends from different countries. Because... #friendsonfriendsonfriends y'all. I love people (even when I tell myself otherwise).. I'm a fan of compassion and you doing you, boo. I'm a supporter for any type of friendship we have. No matter how big or how small.

Friendships do not make public passive aggressive social media posts. They don't get their friends and families involved to sucker punch a person based off of a one-sided story, and they certainly don't hold you to a specific expectation. (I'm not your colleague, and I'm certainly not your employee). Having certain expectations of friendships completely strike through the relationship of friends, because no one should expect anything from their friends.

What you put out into the world is what you will receive- and if you're putting out negativity, that is what you'll receive.

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