Monday, September 4, 2017

Let's Talk About Pain: Headaches

September is Pain Awareness month and this September I want to do something a little different. I want to talk to y'all on a weekly basis about everyday aches and pains, but I wanna show you how invaluable these little bottles of magic (AKA- essential oils) are! We've aimed to target some of the more common types of pain we all know and loathe.

Today we're going to get into the broad spectrum of headaches. There are 4 major headaches we've all experienced at one point in our life and they are: the cluster headache, the tension headache, the migraine headache, and the sinus headache. Ugh.

I'm a migraine girl all the way. When my headaches come on, I know they aren't going to be tension related. They're going to be full-blown, close my eyes in a cold, dark, silenced room until my oils and oxygen kick in.

Here we go....

The Cluster Headache: First, if you are a sufferer of cluster headaches my heart goes out to you. I've never experienced one, but I have friends who live with them. These are on the rare side in comparison to the 3 other types of headaches, but arguably the most severe. My friends say that pure oxygen helps, but rolling Valor, Deep Relief and Frankincense on helps reduce the pain.

The Tension Headache: Ever just have that stressful even in life? Like, starting a new job, having your spouse deployed, or living with a chronic auto-immune disorder? No? Just me? Well, let me tell ya. No bueno. No bueno at all. In fact, I suffer at least 3 tension headaches a week. Yes, week. Panaway, Peppermint and Valor are my go to for this.

The Migraine: Friend, if you suffer from these we need to get oils into your life. I know the crippling effects from migraines and I don't want you to ever be like I was before my essential oils. I would miss work, vomit, try not to cry, and even over-medicate myself to get the pain away until I found a migraine busting combo to use: M-Grain is the when it comes to relief and because it have the valued Roman Chamomile essential oil in it *thank you Lord*. This stuff is so good. Like SOOOOOO good. If you want to double up, we recommend using the tension headache protocol or any of the other headache essential oils.

The Sinus Headache: This one is a popular one among the happies in our oily community. Why? Because the seasons are changing and well, ain't no body got time for that. (Especially me, friend). When you're starting to feel the pressure build up behind your sinuses, reach for this busting combo for sweet, sweet, relief! R.C., Deep Relief, and Breathe Again are our go-to oils for this. I know they'll be yours too.

So friend, this is the start of a good week. Hopefully you don't need to use these combos, but if you do... remember, I gotcha back!

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