Friday, September 8, 2017

My Angel Reading Experience

The past year has been quite the experience for my little family. We celebrated Wil coming back from his deployment from (2016/2017). We bought and moved into our first home in March, we've experienced the demands of being a  homeowner, and we said our see you soon back in August as Wil prepared to deploy (again). With all those major events in life it has been difficult for me to sit back and relax.

I constantly feel like I need to be doing something to update our 1998 home, or that I need to be there for friends in a time of need. With Wil being gone, all of the responsibilities fall in my lap and I feel that I am ill prepared. Finding a balance between, working, taking care of my fur-babies, hanging out with friends, and dealing with Neuromyelitis Optica is difficult and I often feel overwhelmed by the end of the week.

Last week I saw an ad for an Angel Card Reading for a girl in my neighborhood and decided that I wanted to have my Angels speak through this woman. I can't quite describe my reasoning behind it other than just wanting to know. She was able to fit me into her schedule on Wednesday evening (yesterday) and hold my reading. For those that are unfamiliar with what an Angel Reading is, it is essentially a medium connecting with your angels to share compassionate guidance and loving support by choosing three cards from her deck. Those three cards represent your past, your present, and your future.

We met at her house where I was greeted with a big smile and warm embrace. We chatted a little over tea before the reading and she explained the process to me and helped me understand what to expect. While she was shuffling the deck before I did, a card slipped out and I grabbed it to give it back to her. She set it aside from the deck and excluded it from the pile.

Our theme was self-care and family. My desires to become a mother is stronger than ever right now, so we primarily focused on a baby. She talked about how our emotions are in direct relation to the environment we put ourselves in.

The three cards that I picked out of the deck were "Knight of Air", "Three of Fire" and "Four of Air". The Four of Air was upside down, meaning it was blocked.

Knight of Air is (intelligent, decisive, idealistic, and tireless) Events that occur with great speed. Take time to carefully review your options. Creative solutions.
This card represented my past. Which set the note for the reading because Wil and I have discussed adoption in the past and how we both are perfectly fine with adopting a child. We' talked about it, set a timeline, but haven't thoroughly followed through with anything or made long term plans. We discussed many options like, IVF, Surrogacy, Foster Care, and adoption, but never had a long-term goal of which path we would use.

Three of Fire is Abundance! Things look good; have patients at this time. Make long term plans.
This card represents my present. My in the now. My daily. My path was set by us setting our heats on becoming a family, now is the time to make these plans into actions and patiently await what will come of this. My past and my present are aligned perfectly and we will need to sit down to figure it all out.

The last card that I drew was upside down, which meant that is was blocked. Which means, my Angels want me to do something in my present in order to move to my future.

Four of Air was blocked, but that card presents my future. The Angels called out to me that it was time to rest or take a vacation and allow more time before making a decision and that meditation may provide answers.
In order for me to be able to take a vacation or rest knowing that my life is on the path my Angels want it to be on I must first tackle whatever is blocking or preventing me me from moving forward.

Now, up until the last card it seemed like my Angels were telling the medium all about my life and where I needed to be. The hard the slipped out was a card that would be key to my reading.

Ten of Fire was the card that slipped out from the deck and was set aside for a later reading. It read too much work. Accept help from others. Life is out of balance and stress related health concerns.
How chilling is that? With the possibility of Hurricane Irma making her way towards Florida there was a lot of uncertainty that stressed me out. In order for me to reach my future (Four of Air) I must master the Ten of Fire.


I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Jazmin. I learned a lot about what I need to do and was so surprised to know how much my Angels knew about me and what I needed. My things are first. I am going to learn to take time for myself, maybe a monthly pamper session. Something for "me" time. I will work on my stress-related health issues that have been popping up, but knowing that once I begin my self-care routine, that will begin to diminish. Once I've mastered taking time for myself and learning how to balance my life, then I can walk towards my future. In the time being, I am enjoying the cooler weather today, the fact that it will be the weekend soon and I met a new friend in the neighborhood.

For anyone wanting to have their Angel Cards read to them, I highly recommend you speaking with Jazmin at Awaken Reiki. She can also be emailed at: or by telephone: (210) 683-9928.

(Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL)

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