Beauty Review: P2 Cosmetics Nail Polish

Friday, January 19, 2018

I'm a go to the nail salon to get my OPI gel manicure and pedicure kind of gal, so when I was sent the P2 Cosmetics voxbox for review it just kind of sat there unopened in my office. This review is back from the beginning of December, but I am ashamed it too me that long to try these amazing quality polishes out!

I was pleasantly surprised at how many different polishes were sent to be and their color pay-off. The first color I tried was the bright red and it was nearly full-coverage in one swipe. Since it was the holidays, I wanted a bold red nail to accompany my monthly festivities. (Does anyone else ever do that; match your nails to the theme of the month?) Just me? Let me know!

I also tried a deep purple that needed two coats or more coats to complete the look. I was slightly disappointed at how sheer the first layer was, but that tends to be a concern for different brands when it comes to darker purples. One other con that I had with the deep purple color was that it dried a little textured rather than smooth. I think the consistency of these polishes is much closer to a gel (as is promised by the line). I would definitely consider these a great alternative to gel manicures, especially if you prefer to do your nails at home.

For the price, these are a great value.  I received 6 in my vox box. Layering colors also works rather well. I layered a chrome pink on top of the red & the purple. It contrasted well. (Would I wear it out in public? Probably not, but it works well!)

The brush comes up with a lot of product, so you will have to wipe along the side of the neck of the bottle before applying. The lasting power was also pretty decent, but I used a clear top coat from their line, as well.

1. Dries quickly
2. Rather inexpensive compared to OPI, Essie, or China Glaze
3. 1st coat swipe color pay-off
4. Length of polish on toes w/ P2 clear topcoat
5. Gel-ish consistency when dried

1. Texture on some of the polished dried differently
2. Brush applicator picks up too much polish
3. Length of polish on nails w/ P2 clear topcoat
4. Lot of chipping after 2 days with polish on nails

Overall, I like the polish and think it makes a great gift for the women on the go in your life or a teenager just getting into beauty. I would not recommend to those that indulge and love luxury. To me, it just seemed like something I could grab at Walmart because I don’t have time to make an appointment.


I received the Nail Polish complimentary from Influenster and P2 Cosmetics in exchange for my review. All opinions are mine.

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