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Friday, February 2, 2018

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There once was a time that I thought our marriage wouldn't last. We weren't communicating and we were both frustrated at each other for the tiniest of things. That moment in our life was less than three years ago. We had just moved from a city where all of our friends and family lived to a new smaller city where we knew no one. Seriously, no one. We had our jobs and that was it.

With both of us being introverts, it was difficult to branch out and meet new friends and I contribute that to creating the crack in our marriage foundation. We went a month or two without any true friends in our new town and in a time where we should have supported each other, we grew further apart.

The first and second month in our new town was challenging for our marriage. Our roles quickly changed from husband and wife to roommates. We woke up, went to work, came home, went to sleep. No communication about how our day was, no planning meals, no walking the dogs together. Nothing. I knew our marriage needed a re-boot when I packed a bag and went back to my hometown for a weekend. I spent that weekend reflecting on what we as a team needed to work on.

Upon my return, we had a very long heart to heart about our marriage, our goals, our life and what we need to do to achieve them. We agreed that marriage counseling and individual counseling would both benefit our marriage while we worked through a marriage devotional book. That year we spent much of our time rebuilding our foundation and learning more about what makes us stronger and weaker.

Fast forward to today, Friday, February 2, 2018- we continue to work on our marriage and make time for each other. Why am I telling you this? Simple. On social media we tend to only share the good with everyone. Our success, our happiness, our love and friendships. But, we rarely see the side that a many of us face. The loneliness we can often feel when we're depressed, the anxiousness and nervousness of uncertainty and the embarrassment of failure.

Our posts aren't perfect. I am heavily flawed, and I believe in showing that. In these pictures you see us laughing, smiling, and grinning- but what you don't see is the many arguments we had over the years before our  shoot. What you can't see is my frustration with myself for not looking perfect or him bringing an energy drink on the shoot.

Our marriage isn't perfect and we know that. We face many difficulties individually and as a couple, but it is our effort in love, compassion, commitment and inspiration that continues to drive our growing love.We realize that what we see online isn't always what is reflected in real life, so we both make a conscious effort to do better, treat us better, and share our love for building our marriage. We're holding onto each other because we believe that is the best thing in life.

We've fought long gritty battles for those smiles and laughter in these photos. We're not perfect and we're okay with that. We want to encourage you to be okay with wherever you are in your life and to remember at the end of the day, there is always a new one to start all over again.


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