Walk Me Through the Order Process

  1. The most important thing you need to know… When clicking on the sign up in link in the next step, be sure to stay selected on the blue Member box. Do NOT click Retail because you will pay 24% higher prices with a Retail account, and starter kits aren’t available with a Retail account anyways. Even if you never want to sell, becoming a Member is the way to go to save money! There is no enrollment fee or ongoing membership fees, it’s included in your purchase of a kit.  If you want your account to stay active in the future to keep your discounted prices, you are just asked to spend 50PV a year (pretty much equivalent to $50).
  2. CLICK HERE to start the order process using my personal enrollment page. Double check that my member number 11213234 is in the section “Who Introduced you to Young Living?”
  3. Then choose the Premium Starter Kit that you would like with the diffuser of your choice. These kits start at $160 according to which diffuser you choose will match your home decor best.  (That’s over 50% savings if you were to order retail a la carte! Hello amazing!)
  4. You will be asked about the auto ship program called Essential Rewards, but just skip over that step for right now and say “No Thanks”. No need to worry about that right now, unless you just really want to rock ‘n’ roll from the beginning.  But I will say the Essential Rewards program is AWESOME and something you’ll love for the future to get even more free goodies!
  5. Now is a great time to add anything else you might like with your new 24% off discount! Some of my recommendations are Tranquil, Deep Relief, Peace & Calming and if you are a new momma, Gentle Baby! Let me know if you are looking for support for anything specific, and I’ll be happy to research further for you on what would work best!
  6. Follow the process through to the end, then you will be getting a confirmation email. If you don’t get that email for some reason, please let me know right away.

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